Sunday, September 6

TimingSPX Calls Oil Bottom

It's been a long while since we've published but here we are again. We took our TimingSPX funds and started an alternative financing company, but now we're back.

Below is a snapshot of our current holdings which we put together on Sept. 4, 2015, with little-to-no market research. We just looked at the big trends, made sure the charts support our fundamental economic theories, and pulled the trigger - without hesitation.

With this, we're calling the oil bottom, the alternative lending boom (which does well in recessionary periods), the bottom in the Yen, and the top in the stock market. Enjoy.

Friday, January 31

The Risk-On Divergence

Below is a chart of the Australian dollar relative to the S&P 500. For most of this bull market, it's had a very high correlation: so goes the Australian dollar, so goes the US Stock market.

However, in early 2013 that relationship broke down. The Australian dollar has continued it's downward spiral, but the stock market approached all time highs.

Is this divergence a canary in the coal mine for the broader US stock market? We think so.


Monday, January 13

Timing $PX vs. Goldman Sachs

Headline on today:

Gold to Tank in 2014: Goldman Sachs.

I'm not even going to watch or read why - the headline is enough.

But here at TimingSPX? We're gonna flip the bird to Goldman Sachs and bet it doesn't happen.

The chart speaks for itself, you know our methods.


Monday, October 7

WARNING: Stock Market Exhausted

Now might be the best time to sell your stocks.

Disclosure: we have been fully invested in Silver since June. We are not currently invested in any equities.


Tuesday, August 27

Silver #onfire

After a two and a half year low, silver looks like it's starting to turn around...

A break above the marked resistance level sees $25, fast


Monday, January 14

Bull Market Top Brewing

#timestamp this post people. This bull market is on its final run.

We said it first, here.